How A Scarf Instantly Elevate Your Casual Outfit

How A Scarf Instantly Elevate Your Casual Outfit

Rorgge Sunglasses | Sky Blue Stripe Scarf | Above Ankle Ripped Jeans | Yamamoto Sneaker 

 My right eye was down with eye infection and that's when I realized I have not been studying my face for quite a while. (I used to be very attentive to what is happening on my face) My dark circles are getting darker, my skin is not as firm and supple, lines started crawling on my face ... 😩 😰 When is the last time you really look into mirror and show appreciation to your face / yourself? Our life is hectic and sometimes, we forgot about ourselves. ❤️ 

Was thinking about what to put on for a Casual Friday yet looking effortlessly casual-glam in photos with my best friend after work. (we talked too much and forgot about taking photos together 😅) Decided to go for a white tee (choose one that fit perfectly to your body shape), ripped jeans and sneaker. Looking into the mirror, I thought I look dull / funeral attendant like. 🤔 I grabbed the sky blue scarf on the desk and placed it on my neck. I AM SURPRISED! I didn't know how a scarf can instantly and magically elevate a casual outfit. 🤗 Now, it is more than just a simple white tee and jeans combination. 😍

 Rorgge Sunglasses 

Sky Blue Stripe Scarf 

Above Ankle Ripped Jeans 

Yamamoto Sneaker 


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