Casual + Smart with Jude Check Wool Jacket & 2-Layers Cuff Shirt

Casual + Smart with Jude Check Wool Jacket & 2-Layers Cuff Shirt

Can't get enough of blazers but weather like this has made it impossible to don in one! Who is with me? 🙋 

I guess Malaysian's way of having blazer is to carry them around instead of really wearing it! 😆 Jude Check Wool Jacket is great for cold environment, recommended for 18 degree below. It is considerably thick and slightly weighty. It is good if you are heading to indoor conference or visiting winter-season countries. It keeps you stylish and warm. I decided to put on a 2-layers cuff shirt underneath the jacket. It is considerably thin and pretty airy. Yet, your inner wear color and outline won't be revealed through the shirt. 😁 I can't get enough with all the sleeve details man 😍 To switch it to an office wear, you may put on a slack / jeans instead of short.  

I actually found one blazer that is perfect for weather like ours! Not thick / bulky at all yet it is not those super thin type! Blazers are good when they have a structured cutting and have a certain thickness. It will be on March 2018 Collection, STAY TUNED! 

Have a great weekend! 🤘  

Jude Check Wool Jacket

2-Layers Cuff Shirt 




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