[February 2018] Shop Latest Korean Fashion from Dong Dae Mun, Korea - Featured Collection

[February 2018] Shop Latest Korean Fashion from Dong Dae Mun, Korea - Featured Collection

Dress - Tweed Fringe Ellie Dress / Shoes - Calf Length High Heel Boots / Bag - Pom Pom Ancient Knockers Wrislet


Back to work already? 😔

Was kind of busy with work these few days, didn't really get to enjoy my CNY days off. Chinese New Year is like birthday ... Reminding us the digit of our age! 😭 However, looking at the bright side ... We all have gotten Ang Pawssss and extra pocket money from the CNY gamble right? 😎 

In this post, I will be featuring items from this month's collection based on my personal preference for you to refer to. On top of this, i'm sharing how I'm integrating some of the items into my daily wear on my Instagram 👈 Do check it out! 



1. Calf Length High Heel Boots 

2. Rorgge Sunglasses 

3. Body Fit Knit Dress

4. Denim Bustier Dress 

5. Love Ribbon Cap


Look #1 - Army Green Long Oversized Jacket / You Look Good Tee / High-Waisted Split Flare Pants / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Crossbody / Calf Length High Heel Boots / Love Ribbon Cap  

Army Green Long Oversized Jacket is designed over-sized and reach over bottom where it helps slimming you down at least a size visually! Definitely a savior for chubby ladies like me! Furthermore, there are trending graffiti prints on it! I just into graffiti prints ... who is with me?! 😉 And with the incorporation of elastic band at the end of the sleeve, worries about getting it into your food is null!  

High-Waisted Split Flare Pants is designed to make your legs straighter and lose at least 3cm of your thigh on visual! This split flare pants will make you appreciate your own thigh without extreme diet or crazy leg exercise! Pair it with a pair of high heel and you will fall in love with your own pair of slender legs! Choose your size now 👇


I would love to recommend this You Look Good Tee which is designed over-sized and doesn't look sloppy like a normal tee. The material is thicker than normal tee yet it is not stuffy or uncomfortable to wear in our warm weather. Pair it with a denim skirt and tuck a little of the tee in and you are done! Casual yet stylish! There are 3 colors in total - beige / ivory / black. 

 Army Green Long Oversized Jacket / You Look Good Tee / High-Waisted Split Flare Pants / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Crossbody / Calf Length High Heel Boots / Love Ribbon Cap 


Look #2 - Tweed Fringe Ellie Dress / Calf Length High Heel Boots / Pom Pom Ancient Knockers Wrislet 

 With the classic tweed fringe design, this Ellie Dress will definitely make you stand out from the crowd in the most exquisite way! Pair it with your favorite party clutch, heel and a glass of red wine ... 

   Tweed Fringe Ellie Dress / Calf Length High Heel Boots / Pom Pom Ancient Knockers Wrislet 


Look #3 - Long One-Off Shoulder Shirt Dress / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Crossbody / Calf Length High Heel Boots  

 Long One-Off Shoulder Shirt Dress / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Crossbody / Calf Length High Heel Boots 


Look #4 - Leather Beret Hat / Denim Bustier Dress / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Wristlet / Calf Length High Heel Boots 

I literally yell for excitement when i see this dress! Isn't this lovely? It has  beautiful bustier design like D brand and it is denim! Exquisite yet casual! Exactly what we need! We couldn't pull off any runway clothes in real life! It is free size however size S-L is recommended for this dress. My usual size is L so yeah ... 😅


Denim Bustier Dress

Trendy Leather Beret Hat

 Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Wristlet / Crossbody

 I have to share with you how much i'm in love with this calf length high heel boots! I thought with my muscular and chubby calf, i would never be able to pull this off! Nevertheless, TA DA ~ It makes my body proportion especially legs looks better visually and actually helps my calf looking smaller in size! Trust me! You have to get one! 🤗 It is not stuffy to wear it in warm weather like us!

Remark: do get one size bigger as it will be easier to stuff your feet through the shaft part. 

Calf Length High Heel Boots 


Leather Beret Hat / Denim Bustier Dress / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Wristlet / Calf Length High Heel Boots 


Look #5 - Body Fit Knit Dress / Pom Pom Ancient Knocker Crossbody 

It is not a surprise that this dress has made it to the Top 5 right? This body fit knit dress fits perfectly to your curve yet creating the hourglass body shape with its cutting for you! The fabric splicing at the bottom rips away the boredom of an usual knit dress. Be casual but never boring! 

Body Fit Knit Dress 


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Hope you enjoy my sharing. ✌️



Place your order before 5th March 2018, 12noon. 

I can ensure you quality is on tip top condition! You won't be seeing anything like what you will get with those low-price retailers. All items are doubled checked before it is on the way to you! 

First come first serve! xoxo

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