Friday OOTD - Casual Yet Smart with Pink Color Oversized Tweed Fringe Jacket

Friday OOTD - Casual Yet Smart with Pink Color Oversized Tweed Fringe Jacket

Happy Sunday, gals! ❤️

First of all, I would really love to say thank you for trusting and supporting my first ever Shop in Dong Dae Mun Collection! You gals are amazing! 😘 Do let me know what i could have done to serve you better yea ... ✌️ For your information, March 2018 collection is arriving bit by bit ... STAY TUNED! 

 Back on the outfit, most of the companies do allow casual attire on Fridays yet be presentable. To make this happen, I decided to go for a humble above ankle ripped jean and throw on a black color plain and comfy tee ...  This is the first time i put on a ripped jeans and i fell in love with it! I'm too chubby for ripped jeans but this one looks good on me. Didn't want to take it off ... 😅I took this pink color oversized Tweed Fringe Jacket with me for the day. This pink color oversized Tweed Fringe Jacket elevates the casual look instantly. Presentable yet exquisite. Lastly, i put on a pair of white color sneaker to make sure I will be comfortable running around ticking off my errand checklist. 


Monday Blue already ... ☹️


 Above Ankle Ripped Jeans

Tweed Fringe Jacket





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