What to Wear for Island Hopping - Sheer Outerwear Dress 👙

What to Wear for Island Hopping - Sheer Outerwear Dress 👙

 Imagine jewel-blue sea surrounding you and the breeze blowing through your hair as you look up to the silky blue sky with cotton candy shaped clouds. That is what you will be experiencing when island-hopping ... To keep things fun and stylish, i decided to throw on Lulu Monokini from Pink N' Proper. It gives a classy and sexy look without revealing much. It helps to cover up my chubby thigh with a ruched overlay. I wore it with a black shorts from H&M to avoid unnecessary staring (we are in Malaysia!) I put on a sheer outerwear dress which you can get it here. It elevated the beachwear look to more elegant and stylish (limited pieces available, act fast!). To finish off my look, i pair the outfit with this vintage round off tinted sunny from H&M. 




 What to do :-

1. Visit spots such as fish feeding and eagle feeding 

2. Have lunch at floating restaurants

3. Drop by and swim / picnic on one of the island.

4. Fishing 

5. Water sports: snorkeling / diving / etc.  


What to take note :-

1. Always make sure your stuffs especially electronic devices are covered and protected from water. 

2. Remember your sun screen!

3. Be prepared that your hair will get all tangled up ... (always slot in time to visit hair salon nearby after a trip out to the sea)



Sheer Outerwear

Lulu Monokini

Sunglasses & Shorts from H&M 




From this month onward, we will be bringing in clothes from Dong Dae Mun Korea  🎉 🎉 🎉  It will be available for limited period of time every month. Do follow us on our Instagram / Facebook to stay updated! 

We handpicked all the items and quality is ensured! You will love it! ❤️

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